Al-Byraq Advocates and Legal Consultants


Serving individuals


The office has a specialized staff in implementing judgments and obtaining rights, consisting of a number of consultants with experience in the field of enforcement of judgments.

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Pleading and judicial representation

We represent our clients and plead in all cases that interest him or are a party in them and in all stages of the case before the judicial control bodies, the investigation authorities and the trial stage, and in all executive departments, investigation bodies, Sharia courts of various degrees, the Board of Grievances, the Labor Office, workers’ bodies of various degrees, the Office for adjudication of commercial paper disputes and committees Competent in banking disputes

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Debt collection and financial claims

Collecting financial debts for the government sector, the private sector and the individuals sector
Collection of heirs’ funds and their recovery from inheritances

Collection of the amounts of checks without balance, bills of exchange and bonds for an order
Submit execution requests.

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Division of inheritances and joint funds

Al-Bairaq Advocates and Legal Consultants is concerned with providing legal and legal advice to the family. On their behalf, it claims their rights and pleads and defends all cases presented to them, and our services include:
Drafting a family charter and constitution, and preparing a vision for implementation mechanisms.
Providing legal advice regarding the structure and continuity of the family entity.
Managing and resolving disputes between different generations within the family entity.
Inventory and documentation of inheritance.
Determine the heirs and document them.
Divide the inheritance.
Supervising and following up the liquidation of the inheritance of the beneficiaries

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Legal consultations and studies

The “Al-Bairaq Advocates and Legal Consultants” office provides legal advice and studies to commercial and industrial establishments and individuals in the areas of commercial, criminal, labor and other law and other regulations in the Kingdom regarding the relationships of our clients with third parties that fall within the jurisdiction of the judicial authorities in the Kingdom from the courts of the Ministry of Justice Or the Board of Grievances, the Judicial or Quasi-Judicial Committees, or the Public Prosecution Office.

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Writing legal notes

We provide an integrated package of legal services in preparing legal studies and writing interceptor regulations, as we have sufficient experience in that

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Serving entrepreneurs and commercial establishments

Contract cases:

Contracting cases: This type of contract includes pleading and defending before various courts, and the various degrees of litigation, and the client has the choice between contracting in cases until the end of litigation degrees or contracting for each stage of litigation in order to facilitate and satisfy the clients ’desire and enable them to ensure the quality of business outputs. We offer our valued clients legal.

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Study the mechanism and outputs of transactions

It is important that the transactions pertaining to the establishments are subject to a careful and specialized study in order to highlight the aspects and the ancillary effects. To avoid doing harm instead of looking for costly solutions to correct legal loopholes

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Annual contract

The client signs an annual service contract with the office, in which the client benefits from the number of hours of legal services in exchange for a lump sum paid in two installments every six months, and more than the hours specified for the client are treated according to a specific mechanism that is defined to the client before the contract, noting that this type of contract includes Providing legal advice service for a certain number of hours per month agreed upon by the client, and this type of contract includes drafting and reviewing contracts, and the number of labor cases during the year. The number of labor cases is agreed upon with each contract according to the value paid by the client.

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Real-time contracting

Real-time contracting: By immediate contracting, it is intended that the client contract with the office on legal services in each case separately, so that the client requests the legal service he desires, and the office provides the client with a price offer before implementing the service, and in the event of approval of the financial offer, the client intends us to implement the service and implement the required service, The customer pays the amount specified in the financial offer in exchange for the said service.

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Risk analysis in legal business

Planning for the preparation of specialized studies that measure, analyze and evaluate the legal risks facing the business in its current state; It contributes to the treatment and reduction of losses within the scope of the affected legal aspect.

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1- We prepare legal and strategic studies on franchising in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This includes studying agreements, laws, judicial precedents, field statistics, and current and existing legal projects.
2- We draft the franchise contracts where we draft the franchise contract according to the latest legal practices. Among the things that are emphasized is the franchise area, the commercial activity model, the franchise fees, support services for the franchisee, the expenses resulting from providing initial and continuous support, evidence Operation, franchisee obligations, reciprocal obligations between the two parties, brand name unit, products and services, intellectual property rights, business identity, confidential information, reports, non-competition clause, sale of franchise rights, contract term and conditions for its renewal, termination of contract, owner’s obligations The franchisee is granted after the termination of the contract, force majeure, violations or breaches by third parties, protection and payment of damage to the franchisor, dispute resolution, list of exclusive, non-exclusive, approved or optional products.

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